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We are the best in Astronomy Studies

Our team of experts talk about the planets day in and day out. Itfact it’s the only thing we worry about. The stars. The asteroids. The Milky Way. It fascinates us.

Life at space

Our cheif dept head has been to space thrice,

Microbials in SPACE

We have 15 published studies which talk about possibilities of life on Mars. 


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Big,fierce and a ball of fire. What’s “cooler” than learning about the Sun? Nothing.


Your grandma is not the only person who wants to reach for the stars. We do too!


What about this lonely satellite of Mars? We think there is a possiblity of life on it. Need we say more?


What Is It To Lead A Life In Space? Discover The World Outside Your World

It is the movies that always give us this impact. At someone all of us who are decently educated enough to understand the nuances of space science, have though how will it be to be an astronaut and lead a life for days away from earth. Is there life outside earth? And so many other similar questions. We will never be able to understand the emotional and physical impact that life outside the earth has unless we actually experience it or someone who has experienced it puts the thought across. So here we have gathered some of the things that you have to understand about the life outside the earth.

A Commoner’s View:

We have always bewildered as to how life can exist outside earth. This is largely because of the basic science education that we have hard in primary schooling. We have always been thought to understand the fact that Earth is the only planet in the whole Milky Way galaxy that can support life. That is why the life of an astronaut is unimaginable and unbelievable as well. The only thought that we have about life in space is that it is impossible and that it can cost your life. So we will have an astronaut take it from here, and maybe we shall be blessed with better maturity.

An Astronaut’s View: The Truth

Leaving the earth can be quite emotional and frustrating. As you are leaving the comfort zone and stepping out of the earth. That needs gut, and that is what an astronaut has to rely on. It is true that once you reach the space, it is not the usual life that you lead. The travelling spread is completely different, and I need not have to talk about the gravity, and that is almost absent there, and you are perpetually flying.

Physical Changes:

The major reason for all the physical changes is the fact that there is no gravity. When there is almost no gravity the fluids in the body move the different way. Your stomach becomes flat and laughable part if that you also get to grow a few inches taller in space. But you can always feel like nauseating and that you will have a severe headache and rubs salts to your wounds.

Eating is another big task when you are in space. Since the body is still fighting to get adapted to the space conditions, with your headache and all that nauseous feeling, it will take a couple of days to have food normally. You will never feel like eating, and that is the reason why you might go a little frail when you are in space travel.

The Travel is not a Strain:

Many people think that travelling shall be the real strain when you when you are set to moving into space. But the truth is different. You are tied up to your seats safely for a couple of hours, and you will never feel the strain. But the after the journey picks the pace and the moment you are out of the atmosphere you will feel the tummy’s turn. But the twist will be ok in a few minutes.

Why Will Science Never Stop From Growing?

Have you ever thought that science should never grow beyond this? If yes, you are not the only person on earth. This feeling is largely because of the growth of technology, the theories of science and all the modern discoveries are coming out in such a way that it makes us feel that there can never be something better than this. But the reality is a little different. Science will never stop growing, and the truth is that there is nothing called a peak point for science and it keeps growing.

People predicted this wrong:

Science has reached its fullest point of appreciation, and there is nothing more to be discovered or at least in the field of physics. This one of the most uncommon statement ever given by a person of physics, the first American to win the noble prize for physics. So was that true? He probably had that feeling because he reached a peak point in his theory and he felt that there shall come no one who can surpass that. It is this belief that made him give a statement of that sort.

In fact for a lot of years and decade after that nothing great happened. But it was only after that did the birth of Albert Einstein take place and now I need not have to tell you anything. Now that we have Stephen Hawking in the field, science has shifted to yet another level. But without people like Einstein, Tesla we wouldn’t have had a lot of things that we are enjoying today, and they shall always be the greatest minds to have walked this earth.

The reason behind is that these people were futurists as they always thought ahead of time. In their footsteps came Hawking and he has simply turned the field into chaos and again restored peace with his brilliant theories. This makes us come to a conclusion that science has always had people who will work for its betterment.

The Theory of Evolution:

I have seen a lot of people who would like to encounter us with hypothetical scenarios like, What if Google didn’t exist? What if the earth stops orbiting? What if the sun stops glowing and so on? But if you ask me the question that makes me cringe the most is the first one. An earth and its people leading a life without Google. This is a long theory to explain by itself. But if you ask me my answer will point to Darwin’s theory of evolution. AS long as this theory holds water, we will have things developing and people making progress in the field of science. Also, technology and science will always keep growing and so is the inquisitiveness in the minds of the people. The deeper the think, the more inquisitive they are. The more inquisitive they are, the more inventions they can make. Because it is only those new findings, new discoveries and new technology that feeds the hunger inside them otherwise they never rest.


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